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Many proverbs are devoted to time. Business time - fun hour. Everything has its time. Time does not wait. Time will teach everything. Everything has its time. Some kill time. Others regret the lost time. Warning, watch the time. Or regret that time is running out. John Lennon said that time spent with pleasure is not considered lost.

Among the ancient Greeks, the god of time, who controlled air, fire and water, was Chronos, the father of Zeus. The Romans created their god, Vertumnus, Vertun, who turned the wheel of time, protected gardens, crops, and brought the first flowers and fruits.

Poems, songs, novels devote time. In 1890, Oscar Wilde's novel The Picture of Dorian Gray was published, about a young man trying to stop the destructive influence of time. In 1940, Yevgeny Schwartz wrote a play for the puppet theater "The Tale of Lost Time".

Time gives inspiration not only to composers and writers. It also inspires designers. In our new project, we used a design object whose concept interprets time in a rather curious way.

We invite you to save your time and call our design studio Belik. We will tell you the stages of apartment renovation, prices in Kyiv and other cities, what architectural supervision is, what makes up the price for interior designer services.

From the ship to the ball. In the very first photo of the apartment design, you see a pendant lamp, whose name “volta” in Italian means time.

We developed this design project for a two-level apartment with an area of ​​131.7 square meters. The apartment is located in the residential complex "Sofia''. A married couple of 37, 32 years old and an eight-year-old maltipoo will live in it. In the near future, the owners of the apartment planned to expand their family. The designers of the Belik studio had to create the interior of the children's room, which for now will be used as a guest room.

For all living spaces on the ground floor, we have chosen a parquet board in the color of bleached oak from the Norwegian-Lithuanian factory Boen.

The Spanish design duo Nha Trang studio created the Volta lamp for the Estiluz factory in Barcelona.

The staircase was decorated with veneered panels with a geometric pattern. We installed LED lamps with motion sensors in the stair handrails.

To illuminate the working area of ​​the kitchen, we used two types of lighting - built-in LED lighting, hidden under the upper drawers, and track ceiling systems.

For the kitchen backsplash, we selected Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware from the Marvel Dream collection from the Italian factory.

To illuminate the bar counter, we proposed minimalistic Candle lamps from the Spanish company Grok. Their shape is reminiscent of classic candles and we know they will create a romantic atmosphere.

Opposite the bar counter, we planned storage systems. Thanks to the “soft touch” system, we have avoided the use of handles and cabinet doors look like decorative wall panels.

Counterpoint is a combination of several independent voices that form a single harmony. It is also a lamp by American designer Robert Sonneman, which he created for his company Sonneman.

The Belgian factory Delta Light has created Topix wall-mounted spotlights. Their beauty lies in the fact that they can be used in a single instance, or they can be combined in countless ways, creating unique light sheets each time.

For the evenings that the apartment owners prefer to spend at home watching their favorite movies, we have planned a lounge area with a TV and a good sound system.

For lighting the lounge area, we proposed the Belgian brand Delta Light and their advanced track lighting system Maxispy.

The palette of colors and materials of the entire interior is built around warm milky shades and light wooden texture of oak.

When designing a staircase, its safety comes to the fore. In this project, on the one hand, it is limited by a constructive pylon. On the other - a wall with comfortable handrails.

The classic version of Volta has been reinterpreted by designers and expanded into a collection that includes wall, floor and table options in a variety of finishes. We settled on discreet black, which meets the ascetic spirit of the studio's interior.

To the right of the front door, we placed a small elegant hanging shelf for keys and gloves.

The shelf is mounted on a huge floor-to-ceiling mirror that expands the small space of the main entrance.

For the floor of the pantry, we offered tiles from the Italian factory Colli of the Baron collection in a complex color of gray agate.

The 3.4 square meter guest bathroom is located on the first floor, just behind the flight of stairs.

In a small space, we installed plumbing equipment, creating a storage system above it, a shower cabin and a washbasin on a spacious pedestal.

For the floor and walls of the guest bathroom, we chose the same porcelain tile from the Italian factory Colli from the Baron collection.

Veneered panels cover all walls of corridors and entrance groups. Thus, we have created a single spatial solution that makes the interior more integral.

Everyone in this apartment has his own room or his own secluded corner. And the family pet too.

Recessed luminaires with catchy bodies in the color of old gold are another product of the Belgian manufacturer Delta Light. These recessed lights are part of the iMAX collection.

The light balls, suspended in the air in weightless clouds, are the result of the manual labor of the craftsmen of the Italian factory Foscarini, who created this impressive Gregg lamp. The lamp was designed by the Milanese design duo Ludovica + Roberto Palomba.

On both sides of the bed, we placed works by the Italian factory Giopato & Coombes from the Bolle collection. Transparent glass bubbles are created by Venetian craftsmen and have become a spectacular bedroom decoration.

The dressing table lights up another work of light art, the Bower LED Pendant, designed by Brooklyn design firm Bower for West Elm.

The wall behind the head of the bed is decorated with wall panels arranged vertically to increase the height of the ceilings. The panels are made of fabric, painted MDF and mirrors.

On the wall opposite the bed, we planned a TV, placing it on wood veneer panels.

For the interior of the main bathroom, we selected porcelain stoneware that imitates the structure of concrete.

It was produced by the Marazzi factory. Porcelain stoneware is included in the collection of a company called Terratech.

To expand the small bathroom space, we chose concealed doors with the same texture as the main walls of the space.

Even the matt black heated towel rail has become a bathroom décor with its modern design and asymmetric shape.

The future children's room is illuminated by the Spy track system, created by the Belgian factory Delta Light.

The interior of the children's room is decorated with two works by Ukrainian designer Katya Sokolova. One of them is the Leaves floor lamp, created for the Danish brand Bolia.

The second is the Gropius chair, which is part of the NOOM collection dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus school.

We suggested introducing some bright color into the monochrome palette of the interior and picked up a catchy brick red upholstery for the Gropius chair.

The office was adorned with a novelty of lighting design - the Apollo wall lamp, created by Constance Guisset for his studio Constance Guisset in 2020. The body of the lamp is made of structural plaster imitating the surface of the moon.

Behind the hinged glass doors is a balcony of 5.5 square meters.

To the right of the front door is a corner desk with hanging shelves for books and documents.

For the interior of the cabinet, we have selected a bookcase with an interesting relief of the facades. Our goal was to create not a strict male space, but an interior in which all family members would feel comfortable.

You are surprised that on the balcony, where there is no furniture, we have placed a TV.

In the closets, in addition to a spacious storage system, a mobile ironing retractable board is provided. So that long ironing would not seem so boring, we hung a TV on the opposite wall.

The entrance to the dressing room leads directly from the main bedroom of the owners of the apartment. All lights are equipped with motion sensors.

The drawers are also equipped with LED lights that light up when the drawer is opened.

Proper lighting of the dressing room allows you not to make a mistake with the choice of color of clothes and keep order. This is especially true for dressing rooms without windows, as in this case.

On the second floor there is also a small laundry room with an area of ​​2.6 square meters.

We installed a washer and dryer in it, installing them in a closed storage system.

The laundry room also has plumbing fixtures, above which there are shelves hidden behind the panels.

The first floor of the apartment is completely devoted to common areas with guests. We have planned a lounge area for joint rest to the left of the entrance. Rare relatives will also be able to stay there. To the right is the kitchen and dining area.

The entire second floor is the diocese of the owners of the apartment.

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