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In the 10th century, Prince Cherny ruled the lands near the Desna River. The Khazar Khagan fell in love with the prince's beautiful daughter, to whom the prince paid tribute. Fell in love and got married. The princess was proud and did not want to marry an enemy. Then the kagan took the city in which they lived by storm. And the princess jumped from the tower so that he would not get it. The city was named after her Chernigov. Of course, this is a legend. But beautiful. Most likely, the city was so named after the area on which dense (black) forests have been located since ancient times.

For the first time, the city of Chernigov is mentioned in 907 in the Tale of Bygone Years, which tells how Prince Oleg obliged the largest cities to pay tribute to him. The second after Kyiv was Chernihiv. There were times when Chernigov exceeded Kyiv both in size and influence. The family of the Chernigov princes went separately from the Kyiv ones. In the old days, the city was surrounded by thousands of mounds in which they rested. Most of them were looted. According to legend, Ilya Muromets was buried in one of them.

In the 11th and 12th centuries, the possessions of the Chernigov Principality were huge and included lands as far as the Oka, the Don and the Sea of ​​Azov - they reached the borders of modern Kyiv and Moscow. The dominion of Chernigov was interrupted by the invasion of the Mongol-Tatars, who in the 13th century practically destroyed the defending city to the ground.

Many legends are associated with Chernigov. In the Antoniev caves, which were founded earlier than the Kiev-Pechersk ones, they saw the shadow of the Black Monk. Those who like to tickle their nerves and those who love dungeons tend to go there - Chernihiv caves go deep into the ground four tiers down. Their mystical atmosphere is associated with the fact that during the time of paganism there was a temple of Perun.

They say that the local "Dracula" - Colonel Vasily Borkovsky - also lived in Chernihiv. This legend is generally difficult to verify. However, the directors of the film "Viy" chose Chernihiv and the Yelets Monastery for filming.

Everyone chooses his own reason to visit Chernihiv. For some, its history is important, for some it is the kitchen, and for some it comes here to work. And among this category, our interior designers from the Belik studio in Kyiv, who came to Chernihiv to visit the site of our new project. The apartment is located on Streletskaya Street, not far from the landscape park and the banks of the Strizhen River.

The area of ​​the apartment is slightly more than 47 square meters. The interior design project became a challenge for us not only because it was associated with business trips to Chernihiv, but because the apartment was planned to be rented out and we did not have a customer whose lifestyle and family composition we would focus on.

The owners of the apartment gave us a dotted portrait of future tenants - a young family of two or three people - a husband and wife of 25-35 years old and, possibly, a small child. We showed them the finished design projects implemented by our design studio Belik. It was decided that the design should be modern and neutral, so that when the owners of the apartment decide to live in it themselves or their grown child lives there, it would also be relevant for them. A task with an asterisk, right?

The kitchen was seen by our clients as the most functional place, in which all possible appliances for cooking and cleaning are installed. We have placed the kitchen to the left of the entrance, leaving room for the sofa and dining table on the right.

Above the dining table, we placed a futuristic Techno Light from Anzazo.

We insulated the balcony and organized space for storing household appliances and detergents on it. For the floor and walls, our designers have selected frost-resistant porcelain stoneware from the Spanish factory Argenta from the Flodsten collection in Artic color.

As a floor covering, we chose Spanish porcelain stoneware from the Almera Ceramica factory, the Okyo Oak collection - its tone and texture are almost identical to furniture facades.

In the entrance group with an area of ​​6.8 square meters, we placed a built-in wardrobe, a spacious chest of drawers and an open hanger with a bench.

Bench, in addition to its direct purpose, performs the function of a shoe storage system. Thus, by using multifunctional furniture, we minimized the financial investment of our clients and freed up more space.

The desire of apartment owners not to invest a lot of money in an apartment that will be offered for rent is understandable. As well as their desire to create a stylish interior that has been relevant for decades. We have found for each room its own highlights that attract attention and arouse interest. In the bedroom, this is the design of the wallpaper at the head of the bed and the Emmen bedside lamps from the Anzazo factory.

As a result of the redevelopment, we attached a balcony to the bedroom, creating a partition between them, the role of which is played by a rack.

The width of the rack is quite impressive - 535 millimeters. It is equal to the width of the bearing wall. Its dimensions allowed us to organize in it, in addition to shelves, capacious boxes for documents.

On the balcony, we have created a workplace illuminated by built-in Minima Round luminaires from the Astro brand.

Separated from the parents' bedroom and the baby's bed. We put it in the resulting niche and it will be convenient for parents to get up to him at night.

Above the bed, we placed a photo wallpaper with the same print as in the main bedroom. The interior of the bedroom and the interior of the nursery should intersect, as they are in a single space. The nursery will be illuminated by the Eclipse sconce from the Astro factory.

Behind the sliding doors is a dressing room. The pattern on the wallpaper is a bit like Japanese graphics. We decided to continue with the oriental theme and chose sliding doors in a design reminiscent of traditional Japanese screens.

The area of ​​the dressing room is 2.9 square meters. Enough to accommodate several tiers of rods for dresses and shelves for shoes.

All furniture is made of light wood veneer, which is effectively illuminated by LED lights hidden under the shelves.

The area of ​​the bathroom is five and a half square meters. We conditionally divided it into two zones. One of them is a shower room, located behind a glass partition. The spectacular menthol textured tiles of the Nordic collection were created by the Spanish factory Rocersa. It is rectangular, now fashionable in size 750 by 250 millimeters. A tile of such parameters looks advantageous if it is laid both horizontally and vertically.

In addition to tiles of an unusual color, a lamp in the form of a matte ball on a black suspension attracts attention. This is a Hoop ceiling light made by the Anzazo factory.

The second functional area of ​​the bathroom includes a deep storage system in which a washing machine, dryer and shelves for storing washed clothes are hidden.

The apartment is small in size, but we were able to increase its functionality by reducing the entrance group and increasing the storage space for things and equipment. A doorway was created in the interior partition between the kitchen and the bedroom, and the entrance to the bedroom was moved, which made it possible to organize a separate dressing room. The relevance of our design and the proposed redevelopment option is proved by the fact that even at the stage of final repair work, the apartment was already handed over to a young couple who were expecting their first child.

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