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We created this three-room project with an open public area, an office, a bedroom and two bathrooms for a young family who plans to have a baby in a couple of years. Having entrusted the interior design to professionals, the couple, nevertheless, very responsibly and scrupulously approached the issue of home improvement. So, in our detailed questionnaire, they prescribed not only colors, but also finishing materials, and furnishing of each room. This gave us the opportunity to create a practical and beautiful interior design of a three-room apartment - exactly the same as our customers presented it in detail.

This spacious three-room apartment demonstrates its cordiality and hospitality right from the doorstep - the entrance area smoothly turns into a public one, immediately demonstrating all the advantages of the premises: many windows and daylight, a cozy sitting area with a sofa and TV opposite, and a bar counter for quick breakfasts.

Stylish living room-kitchen with breakfast bar. We generously added bright accents to the minimalist interior design of a three-room apartment. Moreover, given that the cooking area is visible from the living room and vice versa, we tried to make sure that the eye had something to catch on, and people had something to sit on.

An open character can be not only in a person, but also in an interior. We made it exactly so that the owners can relax, cook and chat with friends at the same time. If we talk about colors, then there is a roll call of the blue facades in the kitchen and the blue pouffe and sofa cushions. The highlight of the living room is the decor in the form of a phytopanel made of stabilized moss, hidden in a column.

The tiles on the backsplash with an abstract pattern in terracotta colors have become a decor for the entire interior, as they are perfectly visible from the room. The long table top of the bar counter rests and seems to grow out of the column. Therefore, it seems that she seems to be floating in the air.

The interior design of a three-room apartment, despite the bright facades, looks very concise. Gray color - from graphite tones to the shade of wet asphalt - is present in matte large-format porcelain tiles on the kitchen floor and upholstery of the sofa, as well as the column near the window. Right on the graphite background, we placed a chrome-plated watch dial, which has become a practical interior decoration.

The bar counter and the floor in the living room are made of light wood. Zoning is done through furniture and lighting - a busbar system with swivel spots and a trio of suspensions. The light beige top of the kitchen is in harmony with the furniture of the same shade in the living room, which is located at the end opposite.

We hung a picture of a camera for a reason, but to emphasize that the owners of the apartment are creative and enthusiastic natures. Moreover, their hobby is collecting retro photographic equipment. A few rarities just flaunt on the console chest of drawers in the living room.

Hallway in the style of minimalism. Light and laconic interior, where the emphasis is on finishing with wood texture. Moreover, not only on the floor - brown parquet smoothly passes from the corridor to the living room. There are also wood-veneered panels in the hanger area, which makes this corner more comfortable.

Design of a hallway in a three-room apartment. A dark grey nightstand and a blue pouffe bring dynamism to the white and beige interior. And the mirrored wardrobe doors visually expand the space and add light to it, reflecting the sun that comes from the living room. Cream-coloured, as in the room, the walls became the perfect backdrop for the discreet ensemble of the entrance area of ​​the apartment.

The interior design of a three-room apartment looks impressive not only in the kitchen-living room, but also in the master bedroom. The central place in the room is occupied by the bed, which is highlighted by the blue wall with a greenish undertone. Textured plaster with an interesting rough surface was transformed thanks to the ice illumination hidden in the false ceiling. Wooden flooring makes the interior Scandinavian cozy and fashionable.

A beautiful bedroom with blue accents and multiple functional areas. The accent blue color is supported by curtains and a chair behind a small desk, which can be used as a dressing table if necessary. The furniture ensemble is represented by a white chest of drawers under the TV and a bedside table. The chandelier in this project is also trendy - a lot of light bulbs on white wires. The sconce and table lamp on hinges are also white, made in a laconic design.

Fashionable youth interior in the spirit of perky minimalism. Instead of a wardrobe, we put, as the owners dreamed of, a youthfully democratic hanger-rack in the spirit of lagom - the Swedish style that promotes simplicity and functionality. The metal structure on wheels is quite heavy and stable, but due to the fact that it is painted white, there is no feeling of massiveness.

We made the design of a three-room apartment with an emphasis on the texture of wood not only in living quarters, but also in the master bathroom. Wood motifs in the bathroom contrast effectively with the sterile cleanliness of white tiles. The console cabinet for a shallow sink is also veneered with wood. There is an open shelf for towels and bath trifles. Rectangular illuminated mirror visually expands the bathroom.

Everything flows, everything changes – including bathroom design trends. Today, it is less and less associated with the sea, the breeze, fish, and the water element in general. The fashionable bathroom now radiates warmth and comfort, more and more reminiscent of a living room. So in this project, we tried to “domesticate” the bathroom as much as possible due to exotic wood tiles. We chose this finish for the floor and the end wall.

Interior design of a three-room apartment with an emphasis on wood. The rest of the walls are lined with large rectangles of snow-white tiles - they act as a neutral background. The console toilet with a hidden installation has a neat rounded shape, like the sink. We picked up the door in a soft beige shade.

Business time, and the office - a modern design! Work, especially at home, requires not only comfort, but also an inspiring atmosphere in which it is pleasant to create and build business plans. Therefore, we designed the space in such a way that there are many storage systems, a place for free passage, a TV zone and a seating area. In a couple of years, or rather, when a child appears in the family, the spouses plan to equip a nursery in the office.

We paid special attention to the design and ergonomics of the desk, which is made with a rounded letter "G". By the way, the black ceiling spots on the bus system repeat the same letter. In terms of color scheme, the interior is quite calm, and a combination of several shades of brown and graphite grey set up for work and discipline. Narrow wooden planks, in which the phytodecor is “embedded”, serve as an interior decoration. A map of the world hanging on the wall opposite the window also transforms the atmosphere.

The warmth of wood in the guest bathroom. While water flows, the tile flows - from the floor to the wall. This fashionable trend in interior design is especially interesting when it comes to wood finishes - parquet, laminate, planks. We used a rectangular tile under a light tree. It starts on the floor and boldly goes to the wall in the shower enclosure, fenced off by a transparent sash. To save space, a chrome-plated electric heated towel rail is placed directly in the wet area of ​​the shower.

In the niche behind the console toilet, we have integrated storage spaces. Thanks to the white facades, they are completely invisible. There are also open shelves in a niche to the right of the mirror, formed by a white hanging pencil case and a tabletop. The wall behind the mirror is lined with snow-white tiles in the shape of a hexagon. Hexagon, big and small, is in trend today. Such elements bring dynamics to the interior.

The theme of natural materials is supported by a wooden tabletop, under which a washing machine and cabinets are hidden, and a shallow sink is inscribed directly into it. The shower, which, thanks to concealed installation, emerges directly from the wall, has two watering cans - a trendy stationary watering can "tropical shower" and a small movable one. There is a small niche in the wall for bath trifles.

We subordinated the interior design of a three-room apartment not only to harmony, but also to the laws of ergonomics. Since all rooms are rectangular in shape, it was easy for us to fit furniture and appliances. However, where possible, we tried to use rounded shapes. A convenient system of rather spacious corridors makes it possible for owners and guests to move freely around the apartment. A huge plus of the layout are two bathrooms and a separate, albeit small, wardrobe. As a result, the rooms are not overloaded with storage systems.

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