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Did you know that the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was also a composer? He started playing music at the age of 6. At 10, he started writing. The authorship of Nietzsche belongs to the symphony, melodies to poems by famous poets, including Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. Nietzsche was friends with the outstanding German composer Richard Wagner. Researchers of the biographies of both legends are still at a loss as to why their close communication was replaced by a sharp rejection of each other. However, first of all, of course, we know Friedrich Nietzsche thanks to his philosophical views, books and twists and turns of his dramatic biography. At the age of 24, he became a professor of classical philosophy at the University of Basel - a unique case even for our time. And at 36, he left teaching for health reasons.

No matter how interesting Nietzsche's biography is for us, let's be frank - he had nothing to do with interior design. At all. However, thanks to him, according to biographers, the phrase "Everything is known in comparison" appeared. She helped us to create an interesting presentation of our projects when we compare visualizations created by our designers and realized interiors. So, without any words, you better understand one of the basic principles of the Belik design studio - we create real interiors that can be brought to life. Clients who have already encountered designers who create fantastic projects that cannot be brought to life understand all the advantages and pluses of this approach. We proclaim that we work on the principle of "turnkey apartment design" and we consistently follow it. At the end of the project, we present you with a design project and prices for all materials, furniture and lighting.

We invite you to join us now on our virtual tour of the apartment in the Varshavsky residential complex. The apartment is small - 65.8 square meters with a bathroom of 4 and a half square meters. The design project of a small apartment is also not easy, and sometimes more difficult, than the design project of a two-story apartment. Ceiling height - 2.69 meters. There is one small balcony. Its owners, husband and wife, are of the same age, 27 years old, and plan to have a child and purchase a pet in the near future. Guests are rare in their home. Parents rarely visit them. Sometimes the owner's mother visits them for a couple of days. Apparently, a comfortable folding sofa is located in the lounge area for her. For our customers, the house is a cozy nest where everything is created for relaxation - yoga, which the owner of the apartment is fond of, computer games and table tennis, which the head of the family has become a fan of. Ready to know our work in comparison?

The owners prefer a minimalistic style. They wanted everything to be as concise as possible. In the kitchen, we organized the workspace with an accent detail in the form of open and closed storage shelves and hidden LED lighting. Thanks to its light, the working area is completely illuminated - it is convenient for cooking, cleaning and washing dishes.

We have already said that the owner of the apartment is fond of table tennis. It remains to add that he is professionally engaged in it - medals and cups testify to this. We had to create shelves or racks on which the earned awards would be beautifully hung and laid out. Their storage system has become not only the functional dominant of the room, but also decorative - the dark surface attracts attention and looks graphic against the background of light wall and floor coverings.

Light is important to all of us. For the owners of this apartment especially. They emphasized that they needed warm light with the ability to implement different lighting scenarios. One of them - "family celebration", we created in the dining room. A round ceiling chandelier with dynamic spotlights, the angle of illumination of which changes depending on your desires, has become an important interior detail. She is minimalistic. However, thanks to the shape, large diameter and swivel lamps, they turned into a decoration of the dining room.

Minimalism should and can't be boring. The main thing is to know how to diversify it. We chose muted green as a partner to pastel natural tones, in which the interior of the entire apartment is designed. With this we diversified the palette and added accent details.

The owner of the apartment asked to organize as many storage systems as possible for clothes, of which she has a lot. We designed a built-in wardrobe in the bedroom. Translucent doors, monochrome textures and endless rows of shelves turned it into a decorative element of the interior. To make a design project for an apartment is to think over both the functional and decorative components of the project.

Each of the rooms solves several scenario tasks. In the bedroom, in addition to rest and sleep, the owners can watch TV. And for a young woman, we have arranged a dressing table with the right natural light that falls from the left side.

Even in minimalistic interiors, the designer has many opportunities to diversify the visual range. In this apartment, we actively used decorative plaster. Behind the bed, we designed a niche with a dark grey surface that breaks the monotonous plane of the wall and creates an interesting decorative effect.

The central ceiling lamp is not a mandatory attribute of the bedroom interior. We recommend replacing it with bedside lamps. They don't have to be the same style or the same installation method. Often we offer customers to experiment and combine ceiling and table bedside lamps. For this interior, we selected lamps from one collection, which turned into a decorative accessory for the bedroom.

For the bathroom, we chose Almera Ceramica Spanish porcelain tile, which effectively contrasts with chocolate-colored natural wood veneer. We used it for a cupboard, in the lower part of which there is a flush-mounted drain tank, and at the top there are shelves for storing cleaning products, detergents and hygiene items.

Almera Ceramica porcelain stoneware became the decoration of the wall above the bathroom, illuminated by concealed light strips. The owners of the apartment are not fans of fabric bathroom curtains, and we designed a splash-proof glass partition for them. Thanks to it, porcelain stoneware panels can be seen from any angle of the interior.

Thanks to our "designer's supervision" service, which our clients choose, more and more realized interiors exactly repeat our visualizations. It is pleasant to us and it is expected by our customers. The bathroom is a small room - only 4 and a half square meters. However, thanks to professional knowledge of ergonomics, we placed a full-fledged bathroom, storage systems, plumbing in it. The sink sits on a spacious vanity unit, over which modern ceiling lights hang.

Many customers are confused by the delivery time of finishing materials. Now this question is especially relevant. We select topcoats from both European and local manufacturers. For walls, we offered tiles from the Ukrainian factory Opozcno UA Carrara from the Carara Gres collection, which imitates natural marble.

So far, this room has several functions - a guest room and an office. Over time, it will turn into a nursery. The owners of the apartment transform it easily - we have developed the project in such a way that a small change of furniture and accent decor will change it into a comfortable room for a baby. For one of the walls, we developed an interesting coating - a combination of light veneer and dark porcelain stoneware.

In a small niche to the left of the door, we organized a workplace. Now the owners of the apartment are working behind him, and then their child will do homework there. The value of each project for us is its prospects and inherent potential, which allows transforming the space following the changes in the family.

We have placed a recreation area to the left of the workplace, having installed it in a closed storage system, in which it will be convenient for a child to store his things and toys. The light surface of the recreation area contrasts with the dark workplace, reminding them of their different functions. Psychologists recommend clearly delimiting the spaces of different behavioral scenarios in order to form the correct behavioral habits in a child.

A variety of materials in apartments of small areas can lead to an undesirable result - the space will seem even smaller. Therefore, we recommend that the owners of such apartments combine different rooms with one material. In this project, we chose identical laminate for the living rooms, the living room and the hallway. Having laid it across the corridor, we achieved the desired effect - the room began to seem wider than in reality.

The cabinets built into the walls of the corridor naturally pass into the kitchen storage area. And the partition separating the corridor from the lounge area turns into a system of shelves, which we wrote about below.

We have created an interesting lighting scenario for a small corridor and living room space. Curl your fingers! Overhead ceiling lights, hidden light strips in niches near interior partitions and decorative vertical wall lights.

We use every niche and every space of the apartment efficiently. For the entrance group, we created a system for storing outerwear and a shelf, which became a decorative element, visually breaking the uniform surface of the wardrobe.

Stylistically, the dressing room continues the minimalist interior of the entire apartment - all the same white matte surfaces, natural light veneer and porcelain, repeating the marble structure. Functionally, the room combines the dressing room and laundry room.

Before designing a dressing room, we analyze our clothes with customers to properly plan the types of shelves and drawers. Shelves made of natural veneer alternate with white surfaces of drawers and walls.

In the layout of apartments, we try to clearly distinguish between private and public areas. We followed the same strategy in this project, clearly marking the space for guests and relatives directly from the entrance group and planning the personal space of the owners to the right of it. The design project and the price that the apartment owners paid for each square meter must be relevant to each other. And every inch of the project should work!

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