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As children, we often ask questions. Then we become more mature and curiosity does not leave us for good - it fades into the background under the influence of more pressing feelings: responsibility, duty, obligation. Let's rewind and start asking questions.

We have always been interested in the appearance of certain objects. Who was the person who first, for example, made a plate or invented a chair? Did it happen by accident or was it a deliberate act? What did he feel when he was able to pour himself some soup into the bowl he had just made? How did the soup come about? One question leads to another, and so you can continue indefinitely, as it happened to us in childhood. Interestingly, after eating and getting up from a makeshift chair, he drew attention to the world around him and wanted to reflect it for his descendants, or was it a pure thirst for creativity, born of a shock from the beauty of nature?

Be that as it may, the desire to capture the space that surrounds him has always been in man. The first images dating back to the 7th century BC were found on the Tassilin-Ajjer plateau in the Sahara. The ancient man depicted there the elements of nature and one of his fellow tribesmen. This is one of the most ancient landscapes. Individual plants were on frescoes in ancient Egypt, and in other, later, civilizations. The masters of Ancient Rome and Greece for the first time presented the landscape as an integral picture of the surrounding world and made it part of the interior - then frescoes appeared that adorn the interior of the house with the image of nature, blurring the line between interior and exterior.

Ancient China gave a lot to the development of the landscape. Firstly, the format - Chinese artists gravitated towards vertical canvases. Secondly, the angle of view - they depicted nature as if you were looking at it from above. And, finally, they did not seek to depict any particular corner of nature, but painted an ideal area, peaceful and majestic.

In the Middle Ages, the landscape practically lost its independence, becoming part of images of a cult nature. The very concept of "landscape" comes from the French word "pays", which means area. This genre of art began to develop in France, starting from the 17th century. However, for a long time it was considered insignificant and secondary. Its heyday is associated with the appearance of paints in tubes, which made it possible for artists to enter the open air. The ability to draw wildlife, and not just be limited to sketches, gave the paintings the necessary realism.

For the designers of our Belik studio, the ability to navigate art is very important. It is necessary not only when we are looking for art objects to put the final cherry on the cake, but to make the interior more interesting and deep. For example, wallpapers with amusing stories or paintings on the walls of the nursery will help the child develop their imagination. Landscapes on the walls will visually make the room wider, more spacious, and give it depth. This is especially true in disproportionately narrow rooms.

The owners of the apartment, which is located on Suvorov Street, are lucky - their spaces are proportional and do not need correction. However, our designers have played with the visuals. Let us tell you about this project in order. Everything needs order and consistency. Many of our clients, before ordering a design project or turnkey apartment renovation in Kyiv, find out what is the price for the services of designers and builders. We will answer all your questions about the design project and tell you how the renovation of apartments and cottages goes.

Four people will live in an apartment with an area of ​​97.7 square meters - a husband, wife and their daughters 6 and 4 years old. Kitchen area 9.1 square meters. The clients decided not to combine the kitchen with other spaces in favor of a traditional isolated option.

The family needed a warm, cozy home where friends would come and where they would spend their evenings playing board games together. To realize their dreams, we have planned a warm and soft corner, where, along with standard chairs around the table, there will be a corner sofa. Everything in this space unites the audience - a round table, round lamps above it. It will become a real hearth that will bring together the whole circle of friends of the owners of the apartment and their children.

What does the bright lamp above the kitchen table remind you of? We have macaroons. Most consider them an invention of French confectioners. But in fact they appeared in Venice. Their recipe was brought to France by Italian chefs who accompanied Catherine de Medici after her marriage to Henry II. Our pasta is called Petal and was created by the Anzazo factory.

As a floor covering, the designers of the Belik studio offered Spanish porcelain stoneware from the Argenta Ceramica factory from the Flodsten Artic collection.

The total area of ​​the hall and corridor is impressive - 19.5 square meters. To illuminate them, we used two types of lighting: LED luminaires built into ceiling niches, turning into wall niches, and Nowodvorski 6836 EYE overhead.

Light lines break up a long corridor and create the dynamics needed for a walk-through zone.

Behind the glossy sliding panels is a dressing room, next to which we have placed a mirror and a coat rack.

In order to diversify the space of the corridor and link it compositionally with the kitchen, we suggested using a fern-colored decorative brick for one of the walls. This was especially liked by the owner of the apartment - she enthusiastically takes care of house plants.

In order to emphasize the linear composition of the entire interior to illuminate the corridor, we selected Lines One wall lamps from the Anzazo factory, each of which is one and a half meters long.

For the space of the corridor, the hall, the living room and all living rooms, we chose the laminate from the Belgian company Quick-Step from the Impressive collection.

The family of our customers is passionate about sports - skiing, cycling, rollerblading, snowboarding, and the youngest daughter masters the scooter. For all equipment, open storage racks are required, which were installed in the corridor space.

For the relaxation area in the office, where you can comfortably sit on the sofa and read a book, we chose an interesting sconce - Palma Wall Lamp Vibi by Anzazo, which plays the role of both a wall lamp and a pot for indoor plants.

The workplace is illuminated by Anzazo's Lines pendant, which is parallel to the table and provides a comfortable, stable light.

Hanging cabinets are an interesting and rare solution. To implement it, you need to know professional furniture makers and be ready for experiments. We love such original solutions that create a feeling of air and space.

Storage systems and wooden overlays continue the linear composition started in the entrance group.

In vain, Napoleon is considered the inventor of wardrobe rooms. The emperor, who loves order, ordered the soldiers to fold their clothes neatly and cover them with sliding screens.

And the screens were invented by the inhabitants of China back in the 2nd century BC, leaving the Japanese the right to popularize their invention and bring it to the Europeans.

In our country, they became especially popular at the end of the 20th century, when furniture technologies and fittings came to us from Europe, allowing us to implement different storage systems for all types of clothing.

One of the most popular children's entertainments has always been watching the sky - in cumulus clouds, light lamb clouds or in a scattering of stars, like in the sisters' room.

We gave one of the walls for wardrobes for clothes and toys. To make them less massive, interior niches have been designed where one can play, read or hide.

The central light is provided by the Bubbles B Clear pendant lamp from Anzazo. Balls of different sizes in transparent glass seem to float under the sky, like air bubbles.

Girls will play sports in any weather and under any circumstances. To do this, we have created a sports corner with wall bars and professional mats. On one of the walls of the sports area, a track for climbing training was implemented.

It was decided to attach the balcony of the nursery to the room - so it turned out a separate office for both girls. The table of one of them is illuminated by a Riggad table lamp from Ikea.

A clear zoning of children's rooms is necessary in order to streamline the daily routine of children and accustom them to the schedule and activities.

See how the bedroom space has become deeper and more perspective. This was made possible thanks to the wall painting depicting a forest landscape. We have implemented it in a style slightly reminiscent of the manner of work of the old Chinese masters.

All bedroom colors are calm and muted. The room is conducive to rest and relaxation.

One of the trends in lighting design is the use of different lamps in the same interior space, even on both sides of the bed it is not recommended to install the same lamps.

We placed Katch ceiling pendants to the left of the bed, and Anzazo's Bubbles B Wall wall lamp to the right.

The second balcony is given completely to the power of the owner of the apartment, or rather her passion - flowers. We have placed professional phytolamps near stands with plants, which will provide them with enough light.

We covered the floor with tiles from the Italian factory Rondine of the Daring collection, imitating natural wood. It is known for its durable qualities, thanks to which it can be used in halls, balconies, kitchens and even for exteriors.

The guest bathroom is small - its area is only 1.3 square meters. We placed all the plumbing on them, fitting the washbasin into the resulting niche.

For the final decorative coating, we chose a tile that imitates a wooden texture. Her partner was microcement of natural color.

For the bathroom floor, we have offered porcelain stoneware of the Cemento collection from the Spanish factory Geotiles in white color.

The wall of the shower cabin is covered with spectacular Dackel Stoneline Palermo Riemchen clinker tiles.

For the rest of the walls, porcelain stoneware from the Fs Raku collection from the Spanish factory Peronda was chosen.

We tried to make the layout of the apartment as simple and comfortable as possible, placing all utility and non-residential premises to the left of the corridor. All the space on the right was left behind the living rooms.

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