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Andromeda was the beloved daughter of the Ethiopian king Cepheus and Cassiopeia, who was the granddaughter of Hermes, but this is not certain. And it’s precisely that she was unrestrained in her tongue - boasting that her daughter is more beautiful than nereids, she brought trouble to her husband’s homeland. Insulted, Poseidon sent a sea monster to Ethiopia. We all remember what happened next - Perseus defeated him in exchange for Andromeda's promise to marry him.

The legends are again not accurate as to what happened to Andromeda next. The most positive of them tell about the long and happy life of Andromeda and Perseus and about the numerous heirs. However, they agree on one thing - after the death of Andromeda, it turned into a constellation.

The constellation Andromeda is part of the galaxy of the same name. In total, we can see four galaxies. Andromeda already known to us, whose other name sounds less romantic - "M31", the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds and M33.

The Andromeda Galaxy is about 2.5 times larger than our Milky Way. It contains about one trillion stars. And, if we are talking about records, then the Andromeda galaxy has the largest number of black holes, the number of which is growing. Initially, scientists spoke of nine black holes. Recent studies have confirmed the existence of 35 pieces.

As for the total number of galaxies, the opinions of scientists are again inaccurate. Rather, they change. At first they thought that there were 100 billion of them. Then the number grew to a couple of trillion. And this year the number of galaxies was again reduced to the original.

The codes beginning with the letter "M" are given to the galaxies in honor of the French astronomer Charles Messier, who developed the famous catalog. Its first edition appeared in 1744 and contained 45 objects. After a while, Messier expanded the number of objects to 103. And since childhood, Messier has been fascinated by comets. As an adult, he discovered 13 comets.

By the way, do you know what a "galaxy" is? Gravity bound system of stars, star clusters, interstellar gas, dust, planets and dark matter.

And “Galaktika” is also the name of the Kyiv residential complex, in which our small new facility is located - an apartment with an area of ​​50 square meters. And just like all objects in the cosmic galaxy move relative to a common center of mass, our design project moves forward relative to the design project created by the designers of the Belik studio.

Are you interested in apartment renovation in Kyiv, the price for it, the creation of a design project, architectural supervision - this and much more in the field of interior design? Contact the Belik design studio and we will help you understand all the intricacies of working on a design project. We will also tell you what is included in the services of an interior designer, how the price is formed for them, what is the cost of repairing an apartment on a turnkey basis.

The owner of the apartment is a young girl, for whom coziness and comfort are important. Her own comfort and the guests who visit her often. They had to plan a place to sleep. They became a folding sofa, located in the lounge area.

We created a spectacular panel using porcelain stoneware from the Ukrainian factory Inter Gres of the Calacatta collection in Gold color.

For the flooring, we chose Belgian parquet from the Quick-Step factory from the Balance Glue Plus collection in dark brown oak.

Small at first glance, a table standing by the window, during friendly gatherings, is easily unfolded and transferred to the center of the room.

To illuminate the dining table, we chose the spectacular Grand Bunch Lamp.

We think you have already paid attention to the kitchen apron and countertop. They are made of acrylic stone. It is produced by the South Korean company Grandex of Lion Chemtech Corporation.

We have proposed the Marble Ocean collection in Neptun Trident color for this interior. Why South Korean designers are sure that Neptune's trident is milky white with subtle patches of gray and pink, we do not know.

You can’t do without accent details, so our designers decided. We decided and chose saturated green as a partner to the light beige main color of the interior. You will be surprised, however, this shade of green is called the color of the Red Sea. This paradox is due to the fact that the Red Sea algae, which have a deep blue-green color for most of the year, seasonally change it to reddish-brown.

In each room, the designers of the Belik studio placed one item or accessory of this color. After a while, at the request of the hostess, they can be easily changed and this will refresh the interior.

In the input group, we planned two storage systems. Spacious 1800 mm wardrobe with built-in shoe racks and 1480 mm storage system with hangers and hooks for clothes.

The owner of the apartment is fond of embroidering pictures. Our designers had to create a comfortable place for her to work with the right light and provide places for her finished paintings to be displayed.

In order not to crush the surface of a small apartment, we suggested installing flush-mounted doors under the ceiling - this way they also help to make the ceiling visually higher.

Wall painting is another popular trick to play with space. With it, we create the effect of a room visually larger than it is in reality.

Ceiling lighting is created by the built-in lamps of the Belgian factory Delta Light model Mini Partou.

We created one of the embroidery workstations in the bedroom of the owner of the apartment. She will have a comfortable chair, a small table and an Untitled Story wall lamp at her disposal.

In addition to the workplace and a place to relax in the bedroom, there is a dressing table with a floor-length mirror, on both sides of which we installed hidden LED lighting.

And, of course, no modern bedroom is complete without a TV. The owner of the apartment, like many of us, leads an active lifestyle. Early morning or late evening hours are her only opportunity to watch the news.

To the left of the bed, we placed a spacious closet 650 mm deep and 1800 mm long.

Above the wall-hung toilet, we planned a niche for cosmetics with built-in LED lighting and closed cabinets for detergents.

We have created a multi-level lighting scenario. In addition to spotlights, the bathroom is illuminated by LED cords installed in the ceiling niche and under the bathtub.

We offered built-in lamps of the Belgian factory Delta Light, model Partou, with a high level of moisture protection.

All surfaces of the bathroom are covered with Ukrainian porcelain stoneware from the Inter Gres factory of the Calacatta collection in Gold color.

The apartment has an elongated shape, which dictated an unambiguous planning decision. We placed sanitary areas right at the entrance, then public spaces, and only then the bedroom of the owner of the apartment. Creating a design for a one-room apartment requires knowledge of ergonomics and careful attitude to every square meter of the apartment.

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