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What do you know about Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David? Nothing? And so - what do you know about Edward VIII Duke of Windsor? You start to remember, but still there are doubts.

Do you know anything about the British monarch, who ruled Great Britain for only ten months and chose to marry a twice-divorced American woman instead of the crown? Many people know the love story of Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David or simply Edward VIII and Eollis Simpson. She shocked their contemporaries - Simpson even became the Person of the Year according to the Times magazine.

Edward was the eldest grandson of Queen Victoria in the male line and a clear contender for the throne, supported by the British and respected in the world. Perhaps one can say that it would be better if his popularity among some political leaders were not so obvious. He flirted with Hitler and Mussolini, showing them his sympathy in every possible way. After his abdication, he even paid a visit to Nazi Germany to meet with their leader. Eollis Simpson supported her husband and many said that she was one of the Nazi spies, passing on information obtained from Edward.

The couple lived together for 35 years, living in Austria, Portugal and France. All this time they were under the attentive gaze of the public, not only because of their scandalous past, but also because of the taste with which they dressed. The Duke of Windsor introduced the eight-piece cap into fashion. With his light hand, fashionistas drew attention to baggy trousers, which in England were called "Oxford bags", as Oxford students preferred to wear them, and voluminous, now we would say "oversized" coats.

Before the Duke of Windsor, flannel was a sportswear fabric. During a visit to the United States in the first half of the 20th century, Edward went out in public in a flannel suit and the fabric immediately moved from the category of sports to business.

The Duke of Windsor breathed a second wind into the fabric design, which originally came to the country from Scotland. It was discovered by the grandfather of the Duke of Windsor. However, under him, a fabric with such a pattern was used for tailoring clothes for a country holiday. What is this pattern? It is called "glen" or "houndstooth" because of the complex pattern of thin, as if broken lines of opposite colors to each other, the classic version of this pattern consists of a combination of black and white. We know it as "crow's feet" or "chicken foot" or pied de bullet. The last name comes from the name by which the French called it pied-de-poule. The British themselves sometimes call it houndstooth, which translates as "dog tooth".

If the Duke of Windsor shook off the mothballs from the houndstooth fabric, then Coco Chanel gave it shine and luxury. Thanks to her, women became interested in fabric with this ornament. Christian Dior later did everything so that the popularity of the pattern did not fall. So for more than 100 years, "crow's feet" have been decorating jackets, skirts, shoes and even home accessories, such as those that will warm and delight the owners of the apartment, our new project.

The apartment, located in the Tetris residential complex, will be occupied by a family of three - a married couple and their nine-year-old daughter. Potentially, they plan to move out of town in ten years, leaving the grown-up girl a city apartment. These long-term plans had to be taken into account by our designers when creating the interior.

Adult family members spend all their time at work. The only activity that brings everyone together is joint dinners that develop into long evening gatherings. Therefore, our designers paid special attention to the dining room. The design of the kitchen of the studio requires a particularly careful approach, also because it performs not only functional, but also aesthetic tasks.

The dining table is right next to the bar. This arrangement of furniture allows you to immediately put all the dishes on it, so as not to clutter up the table and not get up from the table during dinner.

As a finishing coating for the bar counter and kitchen backsplash, we offered Spanish porcelain stoneware from the ITT Ceramic factory from the Calacata Paonazzo collection.

Probably, you have already wondered why so many factories choose calacatta marble to create their collections. This is a kind of marble, which is finished off in Italian Tuscany. Due to its impressive pattern and high durability, it is extremely popular among lovers of natural materials. With its help, designers realize the most luxurious interiors.

For the flooring of the living room, we chose a parquet board of brushed light oak from the Ukrainian factory Woodhart, which emphasized the restrained nature of the living room design.

Brushing is a popular method of processing wood, during which soft fibers are removed with a special brush. The result is a wooden surface with a pronounced structure, which is also called aged.

For the floor of the kitchen and the entrance group, we offered Chinese porcelain stoneware from the Megagres factory from the Maiher collection.

You have already noticed that we have chosen a single tone for the entire interior, in which the color scheme of the apartment is decided. They became the color "anthracite". Why exactly him?

First, it's beautiful. This is a complex, deep shade of gray, which gives warmth to brown notes.

Anthracite is the oldest and highest quality grade of coal, characterized by high calorific value. And warmth is what we look for and find in our home.

Warmth is what children should be surrounded by at home. Warmth and care. We made sure that the girl's room was not only warm and cozy, but also informative. To do this, our artists placed a geographical map of the world on one of the walls.

The internal partitions of the apartment are partially made of glass. This "aquarium" solution allows residents of the house to see each other and communicate more often. This is especially true for this family, whose members work hard and spend only evenings together.

We installed flush-mounted doors for painting throughout the apartment. This solution avoids unnecessary details. They are easier to wash. They do not collect dust. The undoubted advantage is that they can be painted in any tone.

Amalfi is a picturesque place located in the municipality of the same name in Italy along the Sorrento Peninsula. The beauty of Amalfi was the reason why it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The picturesque mountains, at the foot of which the expanse of the sea stretches, inspired artists and poets, as well as designers.

The Spanish company Alaplana drew inspiration from the natural beauty of Amalfi and created the Alaplana Amalfi collection.

It includes porcelain tiles in beige, white and gray colors. For the interior of the bathroom, we chose a rich shade of gray.

On a small area of ​​just over three square meters, we placed a laundry room, in which, in addition to a washing machine and a dryer, there are racks for storing detergents and linen intended for ironing.

Since the owner of the apartment has a lot of shirts, and drying them requires following certain rules, we have designed special hangers for shirts.

The exciting atmosphere in the bedroom of the owners of the apartment is created with the help of combinations of different materials - textured plaster, wood paneling, velvet fabrics, and, of course, light.

We used the architectural light of the Belgian factory Deltalight from the Spy collection, whose magnetic rails allow you to move the lights along the tracks, changing the lighting scenario.

Under the bedside shelves, our designers have installed LED lighting that creates a feeling of airiness.

We used a similar trick under the shelf on the opposite wall, above which we placed the TV.

Textile is the forte of our designers. They carefully select the fabrics that will decorate the windows and those that will decorate the bedrooms of our customers. For bedspreads, we used several types of textiles, one of which is decorated with the already classic houndstooth pattern.

On both sides of the front door, we placed wardrobes with display glass. The cabinets are illuminated from the inside with hidden LED cords with motion sensors.

The bathroom is illuminated by built-in spotlights from the Belgian factory Deltalight of the En-Suite collection.

In addition to spotlights, hidden LED cords, installed in the mirror and in the niche between the wall and ceiling, participate in the lighting scenario of the bathroom.

The natural pattern of the Spanish Alaplana porcelain stoneware allowed us to create whole panels that are as close as possible to the sensations that you get when looking at natural marble.

Perhaps someone will find the idea of ​​​​glass interior partitions inconvenient. However, our design studio Belik creates interiors that reflect the individual priorities and unique lifestyle of each family. The inhabitants of this apartment wanted new opportunities and as much time as possible to spend together, which was organized by our designers.

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