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We really hope that you loved the geometry lessons at school, because now we are planning to remind you of them. We will not talk about all geometry, but about one of the shapes - a hexagon, which is a figure with six sides.

The hexagon in Greek sounds like "hexagon". It comes from the word "hexad", which means "having the properties of six." Many Greek philosophers thought that the basis of any phenomenon is a characteristic number for it. Namely, the number six they considered ideal.

We are especially interested in the ideal of ideals - a regular hexagon. Firstly, because there are quite a lot of examples of this figure in nature and in life. Bees build honeycombs in the form of regular hexagons. The shell of turtles consists of plates that fit tightly to each other, in the form of hexagons. And this is not a coincidence. The fact is that the hexagon, more than other geometric shapes, is close to the ideal circle. It allows you to maximize the usable area. If honeycombs were round, then empty, useless spaces would form between them. The same principle works for turtles - their shell, consisting of hexagonal plates, forms an ideal protection for them.

Natural hexagons are visible not only to the naked eye, some of them are invisible at first glance. Some of the complex carbon molecules, such as graphite, have a crystal lattice in the form of a hexagon. A phenomenal phenomenon has been observed at the North Pole of Saturn. In the atmosphere of the planet, a cloud in the form of a giant hexagon hangs without shifting - each side of it is 13,800 kilometers long. It's called the Saturn Hexagon. Scientists suggest that this is a whirlwind, but its true nature remains a mystery. Mainland France resembles a hexagon. The French quite often call their country "l' Hexagone" - a hexagon.

We have just found out the first reason that causes our interest in this figure. And what is the second, you ask. The fact is that recently, apparently, due to the rationality of use and the visual effect, the hexagon is increasingly being used in the interior. Tables, lamps, decor, floor and wall coverings are created in the form of hexagons.

Belik studio designers like the idea of ​​diversifying the shape and taking a small step away from the usual rectangles, squares or circles. Let's take a look at our latest project, which is located in the Fine Town residential complex.

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From the ship to the ball. We did not drag out the intrigue and immediately started from the room where we used a fashionable hexagon. Moreover, this particular interior is the emotional center of the apartment - it is a combined space of the kitchen, dining room and lounge area. We decided to make a kitchen backsplash in the color of the kitchen fronts, and in order to highlight it in the general monochrome, we chose the shape of a hexagon.

The Spanish factory Bestile created a collection of porcelain stoneware in the form of a hexagon and named it after one of the most attractive areas for lovers of authentic Italian cuisine - Toscana.

And now let's get back from spectacular decorative solutions to what we usually start talking about our projects with. Our clients are a married young couple who plan to have children and get a dog in the next seven years. They love Scandinavian design, and we have created for them an interior that best reflects their preferences.

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The total area of ​​the apartment is 74 square meters, of which 21.5 square meters are in the kitchen, living room and dining room. In the center of the latter, we placed a table for leisurely breakfasts or dinners with guests, which will be illuminated by an Eglo chandelier with three shades.

We have told you more than once about the Belgian factory Quick-Step, a flooring manufacturer. We especially like their Livyn waterproof laminate collection, which has the same performance as tile. Therefore, we moved away from the usual porcelain stoneware coating for the kitchen area, hall and dressing room, and offered a vinyl coating for them.

For the kitchen and living room, our designers have selected a collection of very large laminated boards, more than 1500 millimeters long, from the Pulse Click collection. The color of the flooring is closest to light natural oak.

Muted colors, natural, unpainted wood and slightly old-school decor - everything reminds that the owners of the apartment are lovers of Scandinavian design. The style of the bedside tables and the bed itself is reminiscent of the style of the 50-70s of the last century, when comfort and functionality were the main features of residential interiors.

A TV in front of the bed is a much more traditional solution for bedrooms. However, you will agree that falling asleep is much more pleasant when planning future travels and imagining the countries and continents that you will visit together.

We placed Nowodvorski MEG 5770 lamps on the bedside tables, which resemble “grandmother's” floor lamps. Thanks to the fabric lampshades, they create a soft, cozy light.

For the floor of the living rooms, we chose the parquet board of the Polish factory Barlinek from the Tastes of Life collection. The Banana Song Grande line in natural oak color is absolutely identical to the natural texture and color of the tree.

When talking about Scandinavian design, you always imagine nature. We tried to introduce as many natural motifs as possible into the interior of each room, including a balcony, on one of the walls of which there is a compact flower garden. Thanks to mobility, the exposure of colors can be changed, expanded or moved according to mood.

We took into account all the preferences of customers - for those who love cozy armchairs, we have planned them and a table for books, for those who like to watch life on the street - a soft corner on the windowsill.

For the dressing room, we took 2.6 square meters. On them we placed a place for storing suitcases and other luggage, a bar for hangers.

Important in organizing a comfortable dressing room are drawers for small items - they save your time and create order and consistency in the rooms.

Were you surprised looking at this children's room interior? Indeed, at the very beginning we wrote that the family consists of two people. And our designers are no longer surprised when, when meeting with new customers, a young family, they are given the task to think over the interior for a child in detail. Interior "for growth" is becoming a trend in our work.

We don't know exactly which hills inspired our artist - Norwegian Geiranger or Rogaland. However, this landscape gave the room volume and perspective, and the little owner will give an idea of ​​the natural landscape.

We have created an interior in the children's room that reflects the interests and needs of children as much as possible. It has a sleeping area, comfortably located in a niche, storage systems and a sports corner.

In total, there are a little more than 20 shades of gray. For the interior of this room, we chose Granite, Harbor, Bungalow, Agate, Surf and Pooh.

The kid will definitely feel like a star in this room, which the lamp and wallpaper with a star motif will remind him of.

Malleable iron is the name of the dark shade of gray that we proposed for the hall. It adds depth to the room and serves as the perfect backdrop for a light floor with a natural oak texture.

For the hall, we made two types of lighting - ceiling lighting in the form of Tokyo overhead spotlights and Wien wall sconces. This is how the capitals of Japan and Austria met in the Scandinavian region.

The mirror surface of the interior door performs several functions at once. First, it's beautiful. Secondly, it replaces a full-length mirror, which is necessary in the interior of the hall. And finally, the lamps reflected in it increase the light and decorative effect.

A bathroom with a window is the dream of many of our customers, regardless of the style that is close to them. Our customers will be able to enjoy sunrises and sunsets from a window decorated with classic Roman blinds.

To illuminate the bathroom, the designers of the Belik studio selected White Lake spotlights.

The overall tone of the bathroom is created by white matte tiles from the Spanish factory Peronda from the Pure collection. In order to highlight the shower cabin, we chose an absolutely opposite solution - textured tiles imitating natural wood from the Czech factory Lasselsberger Rako Base.

We were able to organize two bathrooms in the apartment. One - with an area of ​​4.9 square meters with a view window and a shower cabin adjoins the bedroom. Another - with an area of ​​3 square meters - is located closer to the public areas of the apartment. The main decorative detail of the latter is a panel assembled from porcelain stoneware of the Spanish factory Porcelanosa from the Venis Starwood collection in Tanzania White color.

In it, we found a place for plumbing, a full bathroom and a small sink, which we placed in a constructive niche.

When buying an apartment, our clients pay for square meters, and we do everything to make these meters “work”, extracting the maximum useful area and functions from them.

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