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“The most interesting thing about designing a chair is discovering its mysteries. In addition to the obvious ergonomic, industrial and environmental components, there is also its meaning, its history and the history of the people who will use it” - these words belong to the world design star, Philippe Starck.

The meaning of the word "star", unfortunately, has already been leveled. Everyone who has achieved minimal commercial success calls himself a “star”, not realizing that this concept also carries a stellar personality. And for more than 50 years, Stark has been making him follow not only his work, but also the life in which he shines in all its splendor: an unpredictable dreamer, a restless provocateur, a capricious joker and a rare hard worker. Everything is subject to Stark - he designs furniture, lighting, dishes, glasses, bicycles, smartphones, household appliances. Stark creates the interiors of expensive restaurants, hotels, and even orbital stations - he is the author of interiors designed for the American manufacturer of space modules and orbital stations Axiom Space.

Famous directors, cameramen and photographers stare at his enchanting photo shoots - you need to learn from the best. He opened the doors of Italian factories for world designers, which before him preferred to cooperate only with local masters.

One of them is Kartell, the flagship of Italian design. This brand is known to all lovers of modern plastic furniture. The company was founded in 1949, during difficult times for Italy. The Italian government, in an attempt to save the country's post-war economy, relied on local artisans and what they knew how to do best - make clothes, furniture, light. Done and didn't fail! Now Italy is the only leader in the fashion and furniture industry, everyone else swallows the dust from comfortable Italian loafers.

All designers dream of working with Italian brands. All admirers of modern design are eager to receive items from Italian factories in their interiors. You are thirsty - we at Belik design studio quench your thirst and fill the interiors with inspiring objects of world design.

In our latest project, we used a piece of furniture that combined the indefatigable genius of Philippe Starck and the absolute professionalism of Kartell. The interior is located in the residential complex Parkovye Ozera. The area of ​​the apartment is 88.7 square meters. A family consisting of a 40-year-old father, a 35-year-old mother, a 7-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son will live in it.

Take a close look at the designer interior of the kitchen. In the foreground is he - the hero of our story. The Masters chair, which since 2010 has been produced by the Kartell factory, designed by Philippe Starck. We love it for its comfortable backrest, which creates the most effective support for the body.

We guess that the first thing you noticed were the light panels that pierce the ceiling like Jedi swords cutting through the darkness. One of the reasons why we are dedicated to our work is the ability to see and create poetic images in the simplest things, such as lamps. Above the sofa, we placed the Poland lamp, whose main advantage is a leg that changes height and allows you to bring the ceiling closer.

Kartell manufactures the Masters in six different colors, from which we have chosen a color called "sage". By the way, in addition to dining options, the factory began to produce Masters with high legs for bars.

The family follows the tradition of joint dinners. Often they are joined by parents who stay for a week. That's why we asked them to create a "studio kitchen" concept. The designers of the Belik studio have created a modern space for the kitchen-dining room, in which people will gather not only from a feeling of hunger, but also to enjoy the interior.

Three drops of dew hung over the dining table - this is a ceiling lamp from Blitz. If you turn off all the rest of the light, leaving only it, you can see a fascinating play of shadows on a white wall. We wanted the whole design to reflect the interior of the 2021 kitchen.

To illuminate the entrance group and the corridor, we offered two Eglo surface-mounted ceiling lamps, which give the space a soft light.

All family members are fond of skiing and cycling. For equipment, capacious storage systems are needed, which we have located to the left of the front door.

There are 376 shades of green in the Pantone palette. We opted for one of the rarest and most complex shades called pistachio.

Why did we offer the apartment owners the green color? Our decision was not accidental. Green color helps to relax, improves concentration, reduces fatigue. But the house is the place where we come to reboot and relax.

In the built-in wardrobes, in addition to sports equipment, clothes, shoes and luggage are stored. We have created a niche in the wardrobe with a comfortable bench and hangers for outerwear.

For the living room and bedroom of the owners of the apartment, we chose the vinyl floors of the Belgian company Vinilam from the Vinilam Click collection of the Oak Cologne line, which repeats the structure of dark oak.

We selected all ceiling lighting in the form of traditional shades from Blitz. The design of the bedroom is neutral, so we have chosen lamps to match it. We decided to offer them to customers because of their stylish metal shades, painted inside in ash-pink color.

The apartment does not have a separate dressing room. The owners had enough wardrobes in each of the rooms, so we allocated ample space in their bedroom for a built-in wardrobe.

Light walls and furniture help us avoid the feeling of oversaturation of the interior. Although on a rather modest area of ​​12.8 square meters, we placed a bed, a workplace, a storage system and a small lounge area.

In order to create a spectacular wall above the bathroom, our designers had to work hard to find tiles that could embody their design. In the end, their choice fell on the Spanish manufacturer Equipe, who created the Magma collection. From it, the designers chose a 6 X 20 tile in the color of natural malachite.

We thought over every element of the interior, offering customers those in which functionality is combined with beauty. Even the heated towel rail plays the role of a kind of decor. This Wind model was made by the Polish company Terma.

We used Trio Cord pendants to illuminate the mirror and sink.

Herringbone laying is usually used when working with parquet. Few people know that this type of installation is not only beautiful, it is also functional - this installation makes the surface more durable and less prone to deformation.

In the bedroom of a girl and a boy, we also laid the Belgian vinyl covering Vinilam from the Vinilam Click collection, the Saxony line, on the floor.

Children's rooms and design is always an opportunity to plunge into your childhood, remembering what was especially important for you. The seven-year-old daughter of the owners of the apartment has a very soft character, and we created a space for her that reflects this trait. We chose a lamp whose shape resembles diamonds, and above the bed we created an installation of a scattering of stars.

What are wall panels good for? First, they make your interior unique. For each of our projects, we develop an individual mural design. Secondly, it brings an element of creativity into the interior. And finally, it visually enlarges the space, giving it extra volume.

For the little housewife, we have created an additional place to relax in the form of an oriental tent, which we decorated with a garland of stars.

For the boy, we chose the opposite color scheme, choosing all shades of blue, to which we added a partner gray. To illuminate the interior, we chose a ceiling lamp, the design of which is reminiscent of the chandelier in his sister's room. And on one side of the bed, a Dromhem sconce from the Swedish company Ikea was placed.

Climbing walls appeared relatively recently - they were invented by our contemporary, French engineer and lover of mountain sports Francois Savigny. And, although climbing walls are an innovative invention, they have become so popular that they are installed at home. Especially often parents order them for their active children.

Mountains and a climbing wall - these two concepts are connected, aren't they? Therefore, we suggested that the owners of the apartment place a mountain landscape on the children's wall and place a climbing wall and a Swedish wall on it.

To the left of the crib, our designers have placed the Buco clip sconce, which will help make reading or playing before bed more comfortable.

We used the same materials in both bathrooms. Spanish porcelain stoneware of Magma collection in malachite color by Equipe factory and Spanish porcelain stoneware of white color of Lamar collection by Pamesa factory.

Malachite is chosen by those who want luck to be always on their side. We believe that both the color and the interior, which were created by the designers of the Belik studio, will bring good luck to the owners of the apartment.

For the floor of the bathroom, we offered porcelain stoneware from the Spanish factory Grespania, the Stark collection, in white color. It is anti-slip, which is the main plus when choosing materials for the “wet” areas of the apartment.

The 5 square meter balcony has enough space to store your cycling equipment.

In addition to sheds for bicycle storage, we have placed a daybed on the balcony and created a space for relaxation, where you can meet the day with a cup of hot coffee with milk.

Designing this interior did not require us to have many options for redevelopment. The apartment has a clear and precise plan, which allowed us to separate the public from private areas and place the children's rooms in a separate wing.

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