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It is believed that the first fireworks appeared when someone obviously inventive came up with the idea to throw pieces of green bamboo into the fire, which immediately exploded. Presumably, this happened in the 7th century in China. And you know what? The Chinese still retain leadership in the production of pyrotechnics - the country produces 90% of all goods in this segment.

Bamboo was blown up not so much for the sake of noise, but in order to scare away evil spirits. Later, local residents began to pour gunpowder into the bamboo. By the way, did you know that it was invented by accident during experiments to find a recipe for the elixir of immortality. These are the kind of jokes history loves - they were looking for a way to prolong life, but they found one of the ways to take it away.

The Japanese, not wanting to be left behind, invented daytime fireworks. True, they can be called such only with their eyes closed. Fire during the day does not look so spectacular, so they have more smoke than fire. But colored smoke!

There is a version that the traveler Marco Polo brought gunpowder to Europe and this began the European history of the development of the art of fireworks. The very first took place at the wedding of King Henry VII of England in 1486. British monarchs were generally not indifferent to this entertainment - Queen Elizabeth I was his admirer and annually gave the title of "Fire Master of England" to the best of pyrotechnics. In America, fireworks also appeared thanks to the British, in particular, with the help of John Smith, with whom the Indian princess Pocahontas fell in love.

Fireworks have become an attribute of the holiday, already loving fun and holidays Italians. In 1770, the most dramatic fireworks in history took place - during the wedding of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. More than 800 people died then. And, if the fireworks of 1486 went down in history as the first on our continent, 1770 - as the most tragic, then September 23, 2018, the day when they celebrated the 88th anniversary of the founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, became the date of the most grandiose, which was included in the book Guinness record. Then 900,000 fireworks were launched.

Are you intrigued by how fireworks are related to our work, besides the fact that our clients receive a fireworks display of positive emotions at the end? Now we will tell you everything.

Call us at the studio, and we will also tell you about the cost of interior design, the price of a turnkey apartment renovation in Kyiv or any other city.

While a young husband and wife, 35 and 28 years old, live in the apartment. Why do you say bye? They are planning to have a baby in the near future.

The apartment with an area of ​​69.3 square meters is located in the Kiev residential complex Slavutych.

The couple wanted their apartment to become a reliable fortress and a warm nest. To realize this wish, we have planned an artificial fireplace in the living room, which will give them warmth in the literal and figurative sense.

An impressive chandelier above the dining area can be seen from afar. She became the icing on the cake of this modern interior.

The Firework chandelier, Fireworks, was created by Anzazo. Looking at it, you remember that in Japanese, fireworks means “fire flower”.

As a floor covering for the kitchen area, we offered porcelain stoneware from the Spanish factory Almera Ceramica from the Venus collection.

The dining room is located on the border of the working area of ​​the kitchen and living room. The floor of the living room was decorated with Belgian laminate from the Berry Alloc factory from the Berry Style 4V collection in Corsican oak color.

We are amazed at the imagination of those who come up with names for paints. This time, the name of the shade of pink, which we chose for the wall decor and furniture fronts, did not disappoint us.

In the interior of the kitchen and living room, we used a romantic shade of pink called “blushing bride”.

Opposite the front door, we organized a spacious storage space with frosted tempered glass doors with internal lighting.

To the left of the entrance, we placed a full-length mirror with hidden lighting.

To the right is an open coat rack and shelves for shoes and hats. In this system, we have mounted an ottoman, on which it will be convenient to take off or put on shoes.

We offered the owners of the apartment an interesting lighting scenario, which practically eliminates the central ceiling lighting. We installed hidden lighting and busbar lights in the ceiling, for which we organized niches in the false ceiling.

Such lighting is possible in apartments with sufficient ceiling height and clear geometric shapes, which are emphasized by hidden LED cords.

Opposite the bed we placed a TV and a chest of drawers for books. Next to them is a dressing table, located on a mirror with hidden lighting.

The large bedroom area of ​​18.8 square meters allowed us to place a corner system for storing clothes in it.

The German factory Maytoni is responsible for the curly curves of the two pendant lamps located on both sides of the bed.

And, if we are already talking about romance and flowers, then let's continue. The upholstery color of the headboard and ottoman is called "sky blue".

As a floor covering for the bathroom, we proposed porcelain stoneware of the Ukrainian factory Zeus Ceramica of the Kalakito collection, contrasting to the light walls, in dark gray color.

The mosaic that adorned the walls of the bathroom was produced by the Polish factory Paradyz Ceramika. It is part of the Albir collection.

Two illuminated mirrors around the perimeter, reminiscent of falling drops of water, have become the decoration of the bathroom.

The bathroom palette was diversified by a deep pink color, called “lilac orchid”.

Working with spaces of clear forms is easy. We have made this interior as comfortable and efficient as possible. Leaving the owners of the apartment the opportunity for redevelopment in the event of the birth of a child.

In the layout of this apartment, the most captivating thing for us was that we were able to place the personal space of its owners away from public areas, while maintaining their right to privacy.

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