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Japandi. Never heard this word? And now - japandi? Again - no. We are ready to tell you about the style that has captivated many design lovers around the world. Perhaps he will help you decide on the style of your future home.

The word "japandi" came from the combination of two others - Japan and Scandi. With its name alone, it explains that the style was born on the basis of the Scandinavian and Japanese styles.

What can styles that are characteristic, at first glance, of such different countries have in common?

First, they are not the same and different. The Japanese and Scandinavians are united by a common reverent attitude towards nature and the skillful ability to introduce natural motifs into interiors.

Secondly, the Scandinavians and the Japanese, for various historical reasons, are thrifty with resources. To any - physical, emotional, natural. Therefore, their design is always rational.

Thirdly, it is functional. At the forefront, both of them put the function of space, room, object, without neglecting beauty. The beauty of simplicity. Which is by no means a partner of cheapness. In japandi, let's talk about this style, special attention is paid to natural materials, and sustainability in our time is a necessity that you have to pay for.

In our new project, located in the Royal Tower residential complex, we tried to embody all the main features of the Japandi style.

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A large family will live in the apartment, consisting of a married couple, their three sons and a Yorkshire terrier. They spend all their free time together, so they needed a multifunctional living room in which each of them would find something to do.

Opposite the large sofa, we placed a furniture group, in the center of which there is a TV panel installed on a chipboard from the Austrian manufacturer Kronospan, imitating natural gray marble.

The decoration of the kitchen backsplash was the Spanish porcelain stoneware from the Ape Ceramica factory of the Calacatta Borghini collection, which cites the natural pattern of the famous Italian marble.

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola designed the Tufty-Time sofa for B&B Italia in 2005, and it is still one of the top sellers and favorites of this iconic Italian factory. And all thanks to the quality and variability. There is only one sofa, but there are many opportunities to play with configurations.

On the floor of all living spaces of the apartment, we placed an oak Finnish parquet Karelia from the Essence Collection in a shade of smoky oak.

Between the working kitchen space and the recreation area is a dining group that separates two functionally different parts of the room and allows all family members to communicate more with each other.

We think you have noticed a spectacular minimalist floor lamp that illuminates the lounge area. This light sculpture was created by Ukrainian designers Babich.Studio. It is included, as well as wall and pendant lamps are included in the MoonLight collection.

Beauty is in the details. The devil is in the details. Whichever of these two expressions you choose, you must agree, it reflects your understanding that there are no insignificant elements in the interior.

We share your point of view, as well as Japanese and Scandinavian designers who pay attention to every element of the interior.

A feature of the Japandi style is the almost complete absence of jewelry. However, it cannot be called ascetic. The fact is that the very form of objects or materials used in japandi are decorations.

We were very meticulous in assembling this interior. So meticulous, as if we were putting together puzzles into a single picture.

Eating is an iconic ceremony in Japanese and Scandinavian cultures. Knowing this, we carefully selected all kitchen accessories, opting for those made of copper.

The decoration of the kitchen was a round hood, which was created by the Italian company Franke.

The marble pattern looks especially impressive thanks to the hidden lighting that is hidden under the top kitchen drawers.

Opposite the kitchen, we placed a free-standing island with a built-in induction panel.

The floor of the hall is covered with gray Italian La Faenza porcelain stoneware from the I Marmi collection.

The same porcelain stoneware, which has high parameters of wear resistance and even frost resistance, we chose for the kitchen area.

The laundry area can hardly be called large - 3 square meters. For our designers, they were enough to place racks for storing clean and dirty linen, detergents, and cleaning equipment.

There is also a washer and dryer installed in a rack for storing detergents.

In the apartment, we have allocated space for two dressing rooms. One of them, with an area of ​​5.9 square meters, is located to the left of the entrance to the apartment and is intended for clothes and shoes that are relevant at the moment.

On either side of the door, we placed open shelves and closed drawers for gloves, scarves and hats.

The main light in the room is given by LED cords hidden under the shelves of storage systems. They respond to motion sensors - they turn on as soon as the door to the dressing room opens.

The couple have three sons. The youngest of them are 6 years old and 1 year old. For them, we have designed a common room in which everyone will have their own place to relax and work at their desk.

The boys have separate resting places, but they are brothers. We wanted them to feel the family ties that bind them. A common soft textile wall panel acts as a headboard for their beds.

The wall above the beds is decorated with wallpaper from the Diffusion collection by Ukrainian designer Yevgeny Litvinenko.

Between the beds and the workplace, we placed a storage system for books and clothes, which is the actual border of two functionally different areas.

Above the table of one of the brothers, we placed a funny monkey, the Monkey wall lamp, which is produced by the Italian factory Seletti according to the design of the Italian designer Marc Antonio Malerba.

The boys' desks are located opposite each other so that they have the opportunity to do their homework at a convenient time for themselves, without interfering with each other.

In our projects, we use only the best materials, choosing companies with traditions and history. These include the Italian factory Ceamica Colli Di Sassuolo, which opened in 1968 in the European center of tile production.

For the bathroom floor, we suggested her porcelain stoneware from the Scott collection in gray. This tile has high anti-slip characteristics, which is important for wet rooms, especially when there are small children in the family.

Above the free-standing bathtub, we placed two Rudi lamps from the American company Roll&Hill.

For the bathroom walls, we offered the Italian Statuario Supremo porcelain stoneware from the Atlas Concorde factory from the Marvel Shine collection.

All bathroom accessories are made of marble. Their simple and clear forms emphasize the luxury of natural material.

For the shower cabin, Calacatta Prestigio porcelain stoneware from the Italian factory Atlas Concorde of the Marvel Shine collection was chosen.

The eldest son is 10 years old. His parents thought he was old enough to plan a large separate bedroom for him.

The boy's bed is illuminated by Bollo pendants. Their design, as well as the interior design of the entire room, is neutral. This will allow parents, if necessary, to refresh the interior if the boy's interests change.

Opposite the bed, we placed a furniture group, consisting of a workplace, a hanging shelf for a TV and a wardrobe.

In addition to the table lamp, the workplace is illuminated by LED lighting hidden under the top shelf of the cabinet.

The bedroom of the spouses is solved in a milky white palette. It is interesting not so much the variety of colors as textures. We have selected spectacular textiles and furniture that fit into the overall concept of the Japandi style.

For the bedroom, we have developed multi-level lighting that includes Focus magnetic ceiling rails.

Also, more intimate lighting for the inhabitants of the room gives hidden LED cords hidden in niches between the ceiling and the wall.

The room has a dressing table with a mirror and a comfortable easy chair.

Both spouses appreciate the time they spend together. Three kids don't give them much room for that. We have organized a lounge area for them in the bedroom for tea or relaxation.

In the lounge area there is an armchair with a spectacularly quilted back and a small coffee table, whose top also serves as a tray.

From the bedroom there is access to a small balcony, where we also created a recreation area.

The second dressing room of a small area of ​​​​2.6 square meters is intended only for the owners of the apartment. The exit from it is available from their bedroom. At the request of the spouses, most of the dressing room is occupied by closed drawers.

For families with children, storage rooms and dressing rooms are of particular value. We took into account this need and allocated maximum space for them.

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