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125 years ago, Giacomo Puccini's La bohème premiered at Turin's Opera House Regio. It is considered to be one of the most popular operas in the world. It is dedicated, of course, to love, but also to devotion and friendship. The action takes place in Paris in those years when the whole life of the city was in full swing in a creative environment - among artists, philosophers, poets, musicians. And, who then were, if not the poorest Parisians, then it was definitely difficult to rank them among the wealthy residents of the city. And the poorest of the poor lived at that time under the roof - in rooms that were called attics.

Two of the four acts of the opera La bohème take place in the attic. They became popular in the 17th century thanks to the French architect Francois Mansart. And before him, rooms under a roof with a sloping ceiling were used to store unnecessary things, such as a servant's room or for renting out to poor students. However, Mansara was the first to make windows in the attic, most often of a round shape, turning them into a more comfortable, and, most importantly, more desirable place to live. And desirable for both tenants and landlords.

In Paris, the tax for renting an apartment varied depending on the floor. You probably thought that the higher, the more expensive. Not at all. Although the elevator was first installed in France back in 1743 in the Palace of Versailles of Louis XV, it was available only to very rich and noble Frenchmen. The rest climbed the stairs on foot. Therefore, the higher the floor, the lower the rent, the lower the tax. But for the attic space, which was the attic, the tax was not levied at all.

In modern residential and commercial buildings, the attic is another challenge for designers. A task with an asterisk. The sloping ceiling is a plus and minus of the attic room. Usually, designers strive to recreate the interior of a loft, industrial style in attics, which is quite logical and expedient. Let's take a look at our new project together, how our designers have coped with this non-trivial space.

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The owners of the house are a married couple 48 and 43 years old. Their seventeen-year-old son will live with them. The family plans to get a medium-sized dog and a cat. For each of the inhabitants, we had to organize a stylish and cozy corner on an area of ​​121.1 square meters.

And although the hood is located in the very corner, it attracts attention with its unusual shape. We invited the owners of the house, lovers of strict forms and discreet colors, to experiment and choose a hood that will decorate their kitchen. It was offered to us by the Gunter&Hauer factory. You can see in the photo of the kitchen how the modern, space design of the hood has transformed the entire interior.

To emphasize the separation of different functional areas, we chose the same different floor coverings for them. In the living room, Spanish porcelain stoneware Baldocer from the Ducale collection in Henna color imitates the structure of wood. In the kitchen - structured tiles with the effect of a metal coating from the Italian factory La Fenice Ceramiche of the X-metal collection in Argento Rett Matt color.

The owner of the house prefers to spend his evenings watching TV on a comfortable sofa, and his wife is a fan of cooking. For them, we have organized a common kitchen and living room space, where each of them can indulge in their hobbies.

The niche in the entrance group has become a kind of portal thanks to the built-in ceiling lighting. We placed clothes hangers and a pouffe in it, under which there is enough space for storing shoes.

Opposite the niche is a mirror with hidden lighting around the perimeter. Thanks to the lighting, the mirror seems to be floating in the air.

All family members were unanimous in that they want to see their space bright and clean. We focused on the lighting, choosing white and light gray tones.

The total area of ​​the hall and corridor is 13.4 square meters. The space is elongated and narrow, in order to "lighten" it, we hid all the furniture in niches and auxiliary rooms - next to the kitchen there is a pantry with an area of ​​1.4 square meters.

The walls of the bathroom are covered with gray tiles from the Czech factory Lasselsberger-Rako Betonicо, creating the effect of concrete.

We made the most of the configurations of the rooms by incorporating concealed lighting into the corners. It creates an unusual decorative effect, and also plays an important role, for example, when illuminating a storage system located above sanitary equipment.

We are longtime adherents of Belgian laminate manufacturers. For living rooms, we have selected flooring from one of them - the Berry Alloc factory. The Glorious XL collection is distinguished by the large dimensions of the slats - 2038 by 241 millimeters.

We decided to diversify the gray-white palette of interiors with menthol color. Decorative details in a muted mint color adorned the home's son's room.

The room of the future student is extremely simple, if not ascetic - it houses a recreation and work area.

Our clients prefer simple furnishings and eschew decorations. Therefore, the light in the bedroom, as well as in other rooms, plays both a functional and decorative role. We installed it in the wall panels, creating a kind of frame framing the place of rest.

In the bathroom of just over 4 square meters, we have separated a part of the space for the shower, which we have equipped with a mood shower.

The niche above the sink has turned into a place to store cosmetics and into a lamp, thanks to hidden lighting.

The slatted partition, thanks to the play of light and shadow created by lighting, has become a decorative element of the interior of the hall.

It is also a construct supporting the flight of stairs, in the railing of which LED strips were also installed.

For the interior of the bathroom, we chose tiles from the Ukrainian factory Cersanit from the Cersanit Salamat collection.

When working with attics, there are two possibilities, dictated by the complex configuration of the ceiling. Each of them has its own advantages. Designers choose the one that best matches the overall style of the apartment or house.

The first method implies that the lighting of the room and painting are used in such a way as to maximally level the corners, joints and make them invisible.

The second requires, on the contrary, to strengthen all the broken geometry of the ceiling, to make it deliberate and defiant. We chose the second method, organizing hidden lighting at the joints, and emphasized the others with wooden beams.

We have located in the attic space a room for relaxation, for sports, as well as a dressing room.

Our designers used every wall, regardless of its height. On the lowest of them are boxes for shoes and linen.

Working with the space at home is always a certain challenge to the skill of the designer. In this project, we were able to clearly separate the public and private areas, allocating all the upper floors to the latter. The mother of the owner of the house comes to visit our clients for a month and friends often stay for several days, so it was important for us to “divorce” the flow of residents of the house and their guests.

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