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Next year will mark the 60th anniversary of the birth of rock musician, actor, singer and poet Viktor Tsoi. It is difficult to imagine him in his sixties. It is difficult to realize the contribution that he made and continues to make even now throughout the entire territory of the post-Soviet space.

Film directors Kirill Serebryannikov and Alexei Uchitel made films about him. Asteroid 2740 is named after him. For better or worse, a new species of shell mites found in Malaysia was named after Viktor Tsoi. His songs were covered by musicians from the USA, Finland, Spain, South Korea and France.

Our designers, inspired by the passion of one of the family members who will live in the new interiors created by the designers of the Belik studio, introduced his image into the decor of the room.

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The apartment with an area of ​​93.2 square meters is located in the Sofia Residence residential complex. A family of four will live in it - a husband of 40 years old, a wife of 39 years old and their two sons of 16 and 11 years old.

The family very often hosts relatives and friends. They need a large space for receptions, as well as for joint reading and computer games, which all family members are passionate about. Our designers placed in the recreation area a corner sofa of impressive size - 2730 by 2140 millimeters.

The seating area is illuminated by the sconces from the Lines Black collection from the Anzazo factory.

A geometric surface-mounted lamp from the same Lines Black collection by Anzazo is located above the sofa.

For the floor of the living room, we suggested the Belgian Quick-Step vinyl floor from the Loc Floor collection. We opted for it due to its high moisture-proof properties. The room contains a collection of domestic flowers, which the hostess is keen on breeding. This means that water can accidentally get on the floor. Deformation from the effects of water should not be afraid.

Just as you should not be afraid of scratches from mechanical damage - the floor is covered with a special protective layer of PU Protectonite. It has a high anti-skid coefficient, protecting children from falling. In a word, this is a cover for the whole family and for all rooms - this is what our designers decided, and the owners of the apartment agreed. Therefore, this vinyl covering is also used in all living rooms and in the entrance group.

From the entire Loc Floor collection, we have chosen light royal oak, which is closest in tone to the furniture fronts.

The entrance group is illuminated by built-in spotlights from the Pride factory.

We think you have already noticed that the sandy general tone of the apartment is diluted with a deep green color, which we added in details, decor, and fabrics.

Magnetic recessed ceiling lights are positioned parallel to the direction of the flooring - this is how our designers indicate the direction of travel for guests to make it easier for them to navigate the apartment.

Built into niches between the ceiling and walls, LED strips emphasize the correct, clear forms of all rooms.

The owners of the apartment asked to design a space with a lot of closets.

We didn't just complete their mission. We have made cabinets as ergonomic as possible - ceiling-height and with built-in appliances.

In the upper kitchen drawers, we have integrated hidden LED lighting that evenly illuminates the kitchen worktop.

We created a kitchen backsplash with the help of Spanish porcelain stoneware from the Colorker factory from the Madison collection. Our choice was based on its high level of durability, which allows it to be used in residential spaces, as well as in public or commercial facilities.

For the floor of the kitchen and dining room, our designers have selected porcelain stoneware from the Polish factory Gerrad from the Gerrad Epica collection. It repeats the structure of natural wood and blends harmoniously with the overall color scheme.

We attached a loggia to the kitchen space and placed a dining group on it. The interiors of the kitchen and dining room studios may differ in style, but they are united by functionality, which in this case is more important than aesthetics.

Above the dining table, we placed a futuristic lamp, consisting of several shades of different sizes, giving light in different directions.

This pendant chandelier called Iona was created by the Anzazo factory.

The wall at the head of the bed is decorated with alternating matte and glossy surfaces, creating an interesting decorative effect.

To the left of the bed on the bedside table is an Aballs Tab table lamp from the Anzazo factory.

To the right, above a small table, we placed a single suspension, which is also part of the Anzazo Aballs collection.

The reflection of the light fixtures in the glossy surface of the wall panels doubles it, bringing more light into the room.

We and our customers appreciate the convenience of the MG-Light Reader Snake. Its flexible stem allows you to quickly change the direction of the light for more comfortable reading or work.

In this project, as well as in most of our recent work, we opted for concealed doors, which avoid the "corridor" effect in rooms with several doors.

The bathroom is used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a laundry room.

To implement this function, we installed a washing machine and a dryer and a spacious wardrobe for linen and detergents.

On the floor of the bathroom lies Spanish porcelain stoneware from the Atrium Pamesa factory, the Yosemite collection, which imitates the structure of natural oak.

To the left of the washbasin, we placed hanging shelves for cosmetics, since the small space allocated for the sink did not leave room for them.

The shelves and mirror are illuminated with LED cords with a high level of moisture protection.

The walls of the bathroom are covered with porcelain stoneware, imitating the texture of natural concrete.

It is part of the Network collection, which is produced by the Italian company Cerdisa.

This is the room of the eldest of the brothers. He is not a particular fan of spending a lot of time in bed. A folding comfortable sofa is enough for him, which is illuminated by a wall lamp from the Maytoni factory.

He is fond of poetry and music of Viktor Tsoi. Knowing about his hobby, we placed a large poster of a rock musician on one of the walls of the room.

In addition to Tsoi himself, his guitar attracts attention. We are not special connoisseurs of professional musical instruments. We think that at this concert Tsoi played a Kramer Ferrington, which in different years was made of rosewood, mahogany or maple.

We also picked up black and white posters of the guy's favorite rock bands to decorate the other wall of his room.

There is only one small window in the room. To make it more sunny, we used an additional yellow color in the decor.

By the way, yellow has always been the most popular color. This is due to the fact that it was easy to extract from natural materials, such as clay.

Of course, its prevalence was caused by a direct analogy with sunlight, which immediately comes to mind when looking at yellow objects.

An impressive tile that imitates the structure of natural basalt was created by the Spanish factory Gespania.

It is part of the Basaltina collection, which presents it in three colors - black, beige and grey.

The space of the shower cabin is highlighted not only by a glass partition, but also by the porcelain tiles of the Spanish factory Pamesa of the Badab collection in ash color.

The mirror above the washbasin fulfills both its intended purpose and is the door of a hinged closed box for cosmetics.

The light gray tile was created by the same Spanish company Pamesa. It is part of the Badab collection, where its color is indicated as neutral.

We created the effect of a wooden wall with the help of Spanish porcelain stoneware from the STN Ceramica factory from the Balau collection.

A teenager is fond of football, and we reflected his passion in decor and wall stickers. If his passion changes, which often happens with children his age, parents can quickly and inexpensively change the design of the room.

The wall at the head of the bed is decorated with a light installation in the form of a soccer ball.

By the way, earlier the internal organs of animals were used to play football. The ball as we know it is a relatively recent development thanks to the discovery of rubber in the mid-19th century.

Standard ball sizes were adopted in 1937. According to the rules, the weight of the ball must be between 400 and 450 grams.

It is interesting that initially the balls were monochrome - brown or white. It wasn't until the invention of the television that they were made in black and white for better visibility on black and white televisions.

For the floor of the dressing room, we chose Ukrainian porcelain tiles from the Golden Tile brand from the Golden Tile Parsy collection, in which the manufacturer displayed the structure of the tree.

To make the most of the space, we designed ceiling-mounted shelving that holds suitcases, bags and shoeboxes on the top shelves.

To the left of the doors there are closed and open shelves for jumpers, sweaters and T-shirts of the owner of the apartment.

The apartment has a diagonally elongated shape, which allowed us to place a recreation area, a dining room and a kitchen in its lower part at the entrance. The children's block of two rooms is located separately in the upper part of the apartment, isolated from the guests by a separate corridor.

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